Electronic Data Command Center diagram
Need to study Airwolf's interior layout? Check out Kurt Srodzinski's life-sized recreation of Airwolf's aft cockpit.
Technical Drawings
Working on a scale model? Study Jason Maiden's Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) blueprints. They also appear in the extended website introduction.
Hand-Drawn Blueprints
Timothy Arigoni's hand drawn blueprints look just like the real thing!

The Airwolf Mock-Up Reborn
Explore the full-sized Airwolf mock-up replica exclusively on Airwolf.tv and see how it developed.
Scale Re-Creations
Here fans share their modeling work from 1:48 scale to 30- and 60-size and beyond!

Project Resources
A wealth of content awaits both the casual and serious hobbyist.

Discussion Forum