A brief history of the E.D.C.C. Poster Project

    Namely the "Electronic Data Command Centre" which we are all familiar with, first began for me about three years ago when I decided to start working on a computer graphical image of the complex interior instrumentation panels of the Lady.

    My reasons behind such a project are simple.

    Over time and fully absorbing it's contents I became unhappy with the Flight Manual and in my opinion it was as if something was missing from it.
    It seemed to lack the qualities that could of made it a much much better manual. I felt as though it was rushed out and put together with little effort then chucked out with no real passion, detail or quality behind it (similar to the DVD releases but that's another story), but there must have been reasons why. Limitations? Resources? Who knows ...

    The weak points of the Flight Manual in my opinion I found to be ...

    1. Mono type print NO COLOUR ...
    2. Diagrams of the panels too small and blotted
    3. Panel diagram sizes not consistent (but then again they were only limited to A4 pages)
    4. Positioning of the panels and buttons inaccurate
    5. Missing panels (i.e. overhead panels main monitor and keyboard)

    To name but a few, but don't get me wrong here as I'm not out to degrade the manual, it is still an excellent resource booklet for those interested in the gritty details and i'd never get rid of mine and would recommend to anyone who does not yet own a copy to get one. I'm simply just pointing out the reasons which prompted me to initiate the E.D.C.C. Poster project in the first place.
    The above five points are major factors that are taken care of in the E.D.C.C. Poster.

    After all it's "good ideas" that can lead to "great ideas" and as it's in human nature to search or invent something better than before, if it's new and improved! .....then we're happy, right?

    Just take a look at special effects in the film industry as an example, how much better they look today than 27 years ago! But that does not necessarily mean that the movie from 1979 is discarded forever.

    So all things said, after having first obtained my copy of this Flight Manual back in 1998, which over time I've considered it to be inaccurate to that of the actual built Mock-up used in the series and with this in mind I felt a "new and improved" Poster version is what was needed to effectively display the interior in all it's glory. Even the original Blueprints were not followed to the last detail when the mock-up was built and does not bear an EXACT match to that of the Mock-up.

    The following is what I think will make the E.D.C.C Poster such a unique and inviting project to all Airwolf fans world-wide and will include such qualities like ...

    1. F.S. (FULL SCALE), Yes, LIFE size.
    2. Top quality full GLOSS PHOTO PAPER (or something similar / TBC)
    3. Due to the F.S. (FULL SCALE) size coverage for realism, scrutiny and study, this EDCC cockpit poster will come in a set of three separate posters of which will include....Main panel Poster / Corner Panel Poster / Main Monitor and Keyboard Posters
    4. Panels and buttons will be accurate to within literally a couple of mm of that of the actual built mock-up interior unlike the Original Blueprints or Flight Manual
    5. Presented in Full 24 bit colour

    I've been lucky in the sense of obtaining information by research not just from screen shots from the series but from respected members of the Airwolf Fan community such as Clark Van Hoten, Steven W. Stull, Andrew Probert, Roy Nelson, Simon Pattison, and all others whom have contributed in many forms, all a valuable source of information. Thank you.

    The E.D.C.C. Poster Project is still very much work in progress UNDER CONSTRUCTION, and I hope to have a release date sometime in the Spring of 2006 ...

    Watch this space for updates!

    "The E.D.C.C. Poster Project will be the perfect high fidelity illustration package for the keen Airwolf fan. The package will be graced with that of superior graphics and incredible detail and accuracy. This EDCC poster set is perfect for study and examination of the complex systems aboard the Lady!"

    **************** Be sure you will have sufficient wall space! *******************

    "This finished product could serve as an accurate template if one was to rebuild an interior EDCC ..."
    "Unlike other cockpit posters that are poorly drawn, or are simply pictures that may or may not show all the detail required, this poster set is carefully drawn and proofed to a common configuration to ensure accuracy."

    If successful in interest I may consider releasing an IN-FLIGHT SYSTEM SPECIALIST STATION POSTER, a rendition of the Front cockpit which depicts the new revamped version, also depending on demand a similar project on the OLD style analogue E.D.C.C may be introduced.

    Kurt Paul Srodzinski

    This E.D.C.C. Poster project is considered an independent self-funded amateur illustration and is intended only as a non-profit making medium, intended for the benefit and enjoyment of world-wide Airwolf fans.

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