Clark Van Hoten
Your author has constructed two Airwolves, Airwolf II,
a Hughes 500D and the Santini Air JetRanger.
Scott Faucett
Scott constructed this Airwolf from the Chinese Kitech version of
the original AMT kit.
Mike Farmer
Mike's Airwolf includes detail around the guns and
a built-out interior.
Dean Fredericks
Five-time champion modeler Dean made his Airwolf, Redwolf and
Santini Air JetRanger when the models were first released.
Richard Johnson
Richard's first model from the 80's was practice for this one.
Eric Fouchard
Eric's Santini Air JetRangers are both 1:48 and 1:32 scale.
Anonymous Entry
Check out these beautiful models of Airwolf and Airwolf II.
Keith Beckett
Keith's addition of extra details makes this replica particularly accurate.
Logan Kirstad
Logan constructed his first Airwolf when he was nine. His latest incarnation includes a fully-built interior.
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