A brief history of the New Airwolf Mock-Up Project

More than twenty years after the advent of Airwolf and the show's original screen mock-up came a re-creation that was true to the original. This new Airwolf was commissioned for the now-defunct Halson's Helicopter Museum of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (click for satellite view).

It began when an associate of then-museum owner Dan Haynes contacted Steven W. Stull, Airwolf fan and craftsman of fine reproduction props. As he wanted to pay tribute to the Airwolf helicopter in some way, Mr. Haynes' associate sought to sell Stull's reproduction helmets and flight suits in the museum gift shop. Since the original Airwolf helicopter and filming mock-up had previously been destroyed by accident and post-show deconstruction, selling replica costumes seemed the best salute. Little did Haynes and his associate expect just how far Stull and his friends could and would help him improve upon that vision for a modest salute to the show by coming together to build a new Airwolf.

Haynes had previously purchased a decommissioned Bell 222 airframe and components, which ironically had also been scouted for this purpose by airwolf.tv's own Clark Van Hoten and Roy Nelson. The airframe would then be transported by truck to Stull's workshop in Dawsonville, Georgia to begin its transformation into the new Airwolf. Thus, on Thursday April 6, 2006, airframe serial number 47042, previously registered as N414WW, arrived at Stull's lakeside shop to begin the conversion. With access to original Airwolf plans and components, and in collaboration with other subject matter experts, Stull began to create the first true Airwolf replica.

He created the mock-up's external modifications by matching the dimensions of the original Airwolf panels, then adding details such as panel cutouts and rivets. Stull also fashioned a replica rocket pod based upon the original show blueprints. Inside, Van Hoten replaced the forward cockpit instruments with custom-made replicas and refurbished the interior. Meanwhile, Kurt Srodzinski contributed precise, custom-made blueprints of the aft cockpit for a planned second development phase of the helicopter.

Once completed, the Airwolf helicopter hung from the Halson's Helicopter Museum ceiling at eye level with the second floor. Here, on airwolf.tv, see the step by step creation of the mock-up helicopter and its trip to the museum, as well as its subsequent move to the Tennessee Museum of Aviation in nearby Sevierville.

Pigeon Forge, home of Dollywood and the first Dixie Stampede dinner show, is nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is next to both Gatlinburg and the Cherokee Nation. To learn more about this fine town, visit the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism.

Sevierville is home to Haynes' Scenic Helicopter Tours. On select days you can take a ride with the man himself. Be sure to thank him for dreaming, and investing, big.

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