The Hand-Drawn Airwolf Blueprints Project

    Hi all. My name is Timothy Arigoni. I have been an AIRWOLF fan since I was a little kid watching the show with my grandfather when it first aired. I was always fascinated with the show and the helicopters and remember drawing AIRWOLF at school and at home whenever I had spare paper around. As I grew older I was starting to get better at drawing and started to draw more aircraft and automobiles and even started to design some of my own. I was always researching and trying to learn more about airplanes and helicopters and how they operate and such. I would incorporate every little detail into my drawings because I always felt that the picture wouldn’t be right if I hadn’t. I just couldn’t sketch a picture because it just wouldn’t look right.

    I decided to start drawing up blueprints of AIRWOLF and what a new AIRWOLF would look like using the Bell 430 a few years ago now. It seemed like every time I would get half way through a project that something would happen. I would move and they would get lost, my drafting table would get tossed, my son was born, or I would simply not have the time. I have always just wanted to start this project and finish it but was never able to.

    This past Christmas my lovely fiancé decided to buy me a drafting table as one of my “big” gifts. You have no idea how amazed I was. I love this woman. She actually understands my love for drawing and actually wanted me to start this project again. So I did.

    I’m not familiar with CAD design, so I hand draw everything. I use the basic drafting tools that any draftsman uses to complete these pictures. I first pencil everything, and when I’m satisfied, I go over the blueprint with “Staedtler” drafting pens. I take my time doing these blueprints and never rush anything. If you have seen the preview pictures, you should have some idea as to how much time and effort is put into my drawings. I did a lot of research and studied a lot of pictures on AIRWOLF before drawing any part of these blueprints. For all of you that are wondering, there will be about 5 to 7 pages in this blueprint set. I will cover everything from the exterior views, to weapons systems, to the famous helmet. If anyone will be interested in buying copies of these blueprints, I will be offering them for sale, but only after all of them have been completed. I’m only doing this so that I can keep all of my attention on drawing these blueprints. I have not even started to think about a price yet, but as soon as I do I will let all of you know.

    In the future I will also be drawing blueprints on other aircraft from the show. These aircraft include the Santini Air Bell 206 Jetranger, Archangel’s Bell 206L Longranger, the Bell 222 (A or B, I can never remember) also known as Redwolf, and the Sikorsky S-76 also known as the HX-1. I will also be designing a new AIRWOLF again, using the Bell 430. These will all be done in time.

    I have limited internet at this time, but I will be checking the discussion board when ever I can to answer all of your questions and give more updates. I will also be e-mailing more pictures to Clark as I take them so he can post them in the preview section.

    Timothy Arigoni

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