A brief history of the Airwolf Technical Drawings Project

    Not content to restrict fans who need Airwolf designs to the original, faded Airwolf blueprints, Jason Maiden developed a set of three highly detailed, modern blueprints consisting of the Airwolf helicopter; the ADF rocket pod and Airwolf's wing-mounted guns.

    The 22" x 34" (ANSI "D" sized) Airwolf Helicopter drawing has FULL top, bottom, side, front and rear views and is loaded with technical information about the famous helicopter's various sensors, weapons systems and performance specs. The final print took nearly six painstaking months of detailing to create using advanced CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) software.
    The latest version of the print adds full rivets, detailed weapons many other painstaking details.

    The 17" x 22" (ANSI "C" sized) ADF Rocket Pod blueprint sports six different angles.

    The 22" x 34" (ANSI "D" sized) Wingtip Weapons print features seven distinct views of the
    guns in stunning detail.

    Each print is signed/dated by the artist and printed on quality paper using a professional plotter.

    Note: These prints are original artwork, not the Universal Studios blueprints used on the show.

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