The belly rocket launcher retracts into the fuselage below the cockpit and is fed from a rack behind the Electronic Data Command Center. Three tubes fire a variety of rockets.
Completed Assembly
The completed assembly consists of three launch tubes, front and end cones and a top and bottom panel connected through two bulkheads. A panel on each side contains dampeners and actuators.
Nose Cone
Three nose cones enclose the forward launch tubes.
Front Bulkhead
Three launch tubes extend through the front bulkhead.
Bottom Panel
The bottom panel provides the path for rockets that load into each tube.
Top Panel
The top panel forms a gasket-like connection to the body.
Missile Tube
Three tubes independently hold and launch a rocket.
Port Side Panel
The port side panel is duplicated on the starboard side and houses the dampener rods.
The dampener rod attaches to both the port and starboard side panels.
Rear Bulkhead
Three launch tubes extend through the rear bulkhead.
A spacer fits between each launch tube.
Tail Cone
The tail cone encloses the aft section of each launch tube and discharges rocket exhaust.
Alignment Bracket
Three tail cones extend through the alignment bracket.
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