The cannon assembly rests below the chain gun assembly as shown in diagram #1. The cannon telescopes in three segments and fires 30mm rounds.
Completed Assembly
The completed assembly consists of three barrel tubes, a main body connector and three bracket components.
Barrel #1
Barrel #1 is farthest aft of the three and connects to the Main Body Connector.
Barrel #2
Barrel #2 connects barrel #1 and #3.
Barrel #3
Barrel #3 includes the flared expansion chamber at the tip.
Rear Cover
The rear cover rests atop the Main Body Connector.
This bracket surrounds the rear of the Main Body Connector.
Arm Box
The arm box attaches below the large support arm detailed in the chain gun drawings.
Main Body Connector
The main body connector combines the other components.
Barrel Assembly
This diagram shows the attachment location of the completed barrel components.
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