The chain gun assembly features two barrels. Jason's interpretation blends one-half cooling sleeve with one-half gun barrel. The amunition magazine rests atop the main body connector.
Completed Assembly
The completed assmembly consists of two barrel sections, a connector ring, the main body and ammunition feeder.
Cooling Cover
This cooling cover extends half-way back from the gun tip. By comparison, the original extends the full length of the barrel.
Barrel #2
This barrel is sleeved by the cooling cover and connects to the coupling.
This coupling connects barrel #2 and the cooling cover to barrel #1.
This rod attaches below barrel #2.
Barrel #1
This barrel extends over the second half of the total length, connecting to the Main Body Connector.
Main Body Connector
The main body connector combines the other components.
Barrel Assembly
This diagram shows the attachment location of the completed barrel components.
Large Support Arm
The large support arm connects the completed assemblies to the fuselage plate.
Medium Support Arm
The medium support arm connects the completed assemblies to the fuselage plate.
Top Cover
The top cover connects behind the ammunition feed.
Bottom Mount
The bottom cover attaches below the Main Body Connector.
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